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Die Dunkle Legion

(Die Übersetzung erfolgt demnächst)

"Look kids, no matter how many years have passed or how hard I shut my eyes, I still feel the horrors I have seen; its memory a maggot’s caress. I haven’t had a peaceful nights rest since." -Jake Kramer, Ret.

Those who serve the Darkness are the eternal enemies of all humanity. The numberless hordes of the Dark Legion raise their gigantic Citadels on all of the inhabited worlds, spreading their corruption like an all-consuming disease. Undead warriors swarm against the armies of mankind, forcing even the fallen to serve them in their relentless conquest. Countless Heretics infest every corner of human society, spreading their message of corruption and rebellion, fostering wars between the Corporations, spreading distrust and hatred among all of humanity. They worship manifestations of this Darkness, called the Dark Apostles, beings of pure malice and the would-be conquerors of the Solar System.

They serve Ilian, the Mistress of the Void. Her sorcerous followers use the supernatural powers of the Dark Symmetry as a potent weapon and can summon forth-nightmarish creatures from the Void to do battle with their enemies.

They revere Algeroth, Apostle of War and Master of the Dark Technology. His never-ending hordes of mutants and war-machines wage a constant assault on the bastions of mankind, uncaring about the outcome of battle, only that war itself continues.

They heed the lies of Semai, Apostle of Spite and Master Prevaricator, who turns sibling against sibling, parent against child. His agents use deception to sow the seeds of distrust and confusion amongst humanity, reveling in the chaos that ensues.

They dance to the psychotic tune of Muawijhe, Lord of Insanity, whose methods, means and motivations are as mad as his minions.

They fester in the abominable foulness of Demnogonis, Apostle of Corruption. His agents spread like a plague throughout the inhabited worlds, bringing contagion and illness with them.

The Apostles are not only the enemies of humanity, but also of each other. Their minions often battles for leadership and dominion, all in an attempt to be the favorite in the eyes of their master, the ultimate source of all evil, the Dark Soul. This infighting is the only thing that saves humanity from complete destruction, for fortunately, evil feeds off itself as readily as it does us.

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