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Die Stämme von Dark Eden

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The Malcontents

“Funny that when they do something wrong they run to the Cartel for protection or cry to the Cardinal for forgiveness. And yet when those same hypocrites are themselves wronged, they come to us.” -Gunner Jarrod, Bounty Hunter—Orpheus Group

In the middle of these warring titans are those unfortunate individuals who do not belong to any Corporation, have not chosen the side of Light or Darkness, or are not in the thrall of the Cartel. These people must make their own way in a Solar System under constant siege, bereft of any assistance or protection from the powers that be. According to Cartel Laws, these individuals do not officially exist, having neither the rights nor the privileges afforded to the rest of corporate humanity. These unfortunates are branded Malcontents, for they do not wish to be a part of corporate society, as it is.

Criminals, mercenaries and the inhabitants of Dark Eden share the designation of Malcontent, as does any organization that refuses to bow to the will of the Cartel (which is ultimately an extension of the Megacorporations) or the Brotherhood. In a Solar System torn apart by war and divided up amongst giants, Malcontents learn to survive by any means necessary.

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