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Die Bruderschaft

(Die Übersetzung erfolgt demnächst)

"Trust in the Cardinal, he will provide." -Missionary Saying

Rising above the conflicts of the Megacorporations and Independents are the members of the Brotherhood, the spiritual guardians of humanity and their de facto leader. At the head of the Brotherhood stands the Cardinal, a being of enormous spiritual, moral and temporal power. He is served by countless billions of faithful followers who hang on his every word and breath. Missionaries spread his teachings throughout the Solar System, while Inquisitors hunt down his heretical enemies. Mystics wield the strange supernatural powers of the Art in his name, as countless soldier/fanatics zealously enforce his will.

It is by these means that the Cardinal and his Brotherhood maintain a semblance of control over the bickering Megacorporations. For without this control, man would certainly fall; either by his own hand or that of the encroaching Darkness. Billions of corporate Citizens heed his daily message of hope and redemption. They all need something to believe in, for the times are dark and the Great Evil has, as promised, returned.

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